AM Immobili
We build houses in Umbria, the green heart of Italy, created especially to blend harmoniously into the surrounding country- side of Teverina, whose gentle hills stretch down to follow the course of the River Tiber.
The villettas we create are made of wood, tufa or stone and are located in a very scenic and peaceful spot 400 metres above sea level.
You reach your house through olive groves and although you are in a village it is almost as if you have reached a haven of tranquillity - the chaos, smog and stress of city life are a million miles away.
The beautiful surrounding countryside offers ample opportunities to en- joy yourself: country walks, horse riding, bicycle trips, cultural visits, wine tasting and gastronomic excursions. Lose yourself in the atmosphere of days gone by, particularly in the fabled village of Penna in Teverina where time seems to have stood still. For us, attention to detail and the materials used to build your home are paramount. Everything is certified and of the highest quality. Innovative technology and state of the art finishing touches as well as superior soundproofing and insulation mean your home is both comfortable and saves energy, essential when creating a building which respects the environment. We can achieve this thanks to over twenty years experience and expertise in the building materials sector. All this experi- ence is at your service. We are proud to offer you wonderful properties, designed in our signature style, with attention paid to every last detail from the solidity of the construction to the fine styling of the house.